River Access Map

The Kaw is a big river and is not appropriate for novice and beginning paddlers if it is running above 5000 cubic feet per second.  Click on icons on the map below for name of ramp and exact location.  Blue icons represent existing ramps, yellow icons represent future locations for ramps, and red icons represent hazards. For existing ramps there are also pages with detailed information(see below).

Friends of the Kaw estimates it takes about 1 hour to paddle 3 miles.  Novice paddlers should not attempt to paddle more that 10 miles in one day.

Check water levels and reservoir releases before planning a float.

View Kansas River Access Map in a larger map.


For more detailed information on access ramps along the Kansas River please visit any of the pages below for individual access ramp information. 


When traveling along the Kaw it is also crucial for your safety to be aware of HAZARDS on the river. Hazards are displayed in the Kansas River Access Map above with a red triangle encircling an exclamation point, and more detailed information can be found by clicking on any of the links below. 

Future Access