Kansas Riverkeeper

Dedicated to Protecting the KAW
Dawn Buehler, Kansas Riverkeeper

Dawn Buehler, Kansas Riverkeeper

In 2001 Friends of the Kaw became a member of the Waterkeeper Alliance, an international water protection organization of over 300 Waterkeeper organizations in 34 countries protecting waterways around the world.  As part of that membership we were charged with hiring a non-governmental public advocate who would serve as the eyes, ears and voice of the Kansas River – the Kansas Riverkeeper. The Riverkeeper advocates for the river by acting as leader, scientist, educator, spokesperson and investigator. Our Kansas Riverkeeper is Dawn Buehler. Dawn has a bachelor’s degree in both Fish and Wildlife Conservation and Business and has worked as a conservationist, accountant and a farmer.

Part of the Riverkeeper’s responsibilities includes holding the community responsible for the health of its river. The dumping of any type of waste in our river or streams is illegal. Unfortunately, this activity often goes unreported. As part of the community that relies on a healthy river for recreation and drinking water, please get involved by reporting any instances of dumping or other violations. To report pollution complete our online form or contact the Riverkeeper at 866-RIV KEEP (866-758-5337) or riverkeeper@kansasriver.org.

Unfortunately federal, state or county governments cannot be counted on to fund the important activities of the Kansas Riverkeeper. Instead, we rely on contributions from caring private citizens and revenue generated by memberships. Please join us today to become a Friends of the Kaw member or to make a donation toward the protection of the Kansas River.