In-River Dredging – Who and Where

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Key: purple marker = active permit, red line = closed to dredging

The Kansas Riverkeeper is currently reviewing the condition of each permitted dredging site and will provide detailed comments during the permit review process.The Army Corps of Engineers and the state of Kansas permit existing operations on a 5-year basis. The next review of permits will occur in 2011. The current status of each permit was determined by the Riverkeeper during discussions with the Army Corps and is summarized on the pages below. For management purposes the Army Corps has consolidated in-river dredging permits by company. Each company has a permit that includes all of their dredging sites (you can download the permits from the attachment section on the bottom of each page). Companies have a tonnage limit per dredge site and a cumulative limit for all of their sites. The Friends of the Kaw is actively involved in reviewing compliance and drafting recommendations for alternatives to in-river mining such as off-river pit mining. Our initial analysis indicates that there is no difference in the price or quality of sand obtained from pit mines vs. in-river dredging.

In-river sand and gravel mining permits on the Kansas River

River Mile 9.4-10.4       Kaw Valley Companies: Inactive

River Mile 12.8 – 13.9   Kaw Valley Companies: Active

River Mile 15.4 – 16.9   Kaw Valley Companies:  Active

River Mile 18.65 – 20.15   HSG Acquisition Co.: Inactive

River Mile 20.55 – 20.6  HSG Acquisiton Co.: Inactive

River Mile 21. 0 – 21.15 HSG Acquistion Co.: Active

River Miles 77.1 – 78.6   Victory Sand and Gravel (owned by Meier’s Ready Mix): Active