HSG Acquisition Co. (Holliday Sand & Gravel)

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Permit #200302862 for river miles 18.4 – 19.9

This permit is operated from the south bank of the Kaw two miles east of the K-7 Bridge. HSG  Acquisition Co., LLC (formerly Holliday Sand and Gravel) currently is not in-river dredging at this location but a dredge has operated at this location in recent years. Holliday Sand and Gravel also has a large pit mine on the south bank of the Kaw in Wyandotte County. The company recently was granted a permit for a new pit mine on the west side of K-7 in Johnson County.Holiday1

Permit # 200301861 for river miles 20.35 – 20.6

HSB Acquisition Co., LLC (formerly Holliday Sand and Gravel)  operates an in-river dredge just east of the K-7 Bridge. The picture below was taken from the bridge. The dredge is operated from the south bank but can be seen harvesting sand  almost to the north bank. A cable for this dredge is anchored on the north bank so boaters need to use extreme caution in this area when the dredge is active. Operators will stop operation to allow for safe passage if they notice boats approaching.Holiday2


Permit # 200301860 for river miles 21.0 – 21.15

This permit is owned by HSG Acquisition Co., LLC (formerly  Holliday Sand and Gravel) and is just west of K-7 up river (or southwest) from the bridge. There has been an active in-river dredge at this location for many years pictured below on the left. The picture below on the right shows a normal discharge of water from the dredging process.  The picture at the bottom of this page was taken in April of 2004. Note the flow of black water returning to the Kaw which was reported to Kansas Department of Health and Environment (KDHE). After investigation representatives from KDHE informed Friends of the Kaw that Holliday Sand and Gravel had been dredging near a mud bar causing the dark discharge. No punitive action was taken.

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