Stock Giving

Protect our River with a Stock Gift

Donating stock offers tax benefits while fulfilling your giving goals. 

Let’s say you invested $1,000 in shares, and after two years, the shares are worth $3,000. When you sell, you could owe $450 if you fall in the 15% capital gains tax bracket. By donating to Friends of the Kaw, you can write off $3,000 as a charitable contribution. 

Contact your financial advisor, broker, or transfer agent to deliver to:

Edward Jones

DTC #: 0057

For Credit to account #: 7862251019

Client account name: Friends of the Kaw, Inc. 

FBO: Friends of the Kaw, Inc. 

To ensure proper crediting, please contact Executive Director, Dawn Buehler, (785) 312-7200 or and include stock name, shares, and purpose of your gift. Gifts of stock are best made by Dec 15.