Kaw River Guide (KRG)

Kaw River Guides at the Shawnee Tire Cleanup in 2021

Our annual Kaw River Guide Workshop is schedule for May 5, 2024. Learn more and sign up HERE.

Kaw River Guide on the River

Come join FOK as a Kaw River Guide on our Group Educational Paddle Trips and big river cleanups that run from mid-April through the end of October each year. We need volunteers like you to provide guidance to new paddlers on our private, educational, and clean-up paddle trips. If you are interested in becoming a volunteer and you have your own boat, please join us for our Kaw River Guide Workshop in May each year and then join us on the river.  You can join us mid-year – we will help train you as we go.  See our full calendar for specific dates and trips!

Responsibilities include:

  • Volunteer on the water to help FOK with Paddle Trips
  • Bring your own kayak and gear
  • Be available for 6-8 hours for a paddle trip
  • Member of the FOK Team
  • Assist with in-river cleanups

How can you get signed up? Send your NAME and E-MAIL address to Dawn Buehler, Kansas Riverkeeper, at riverkeeper@kansasriver.org. When we have volunteer opportunities, you will receive our Volunteer Request Newsletter. If you have questions, you can e-mail Dawn or call 785.312.7200. Thank you for your interest in our KAW RIVER GUIDE Volunteer Opportunities!


We recreated these online educational tools during the 2020 COVID Pandemic. We will leave them here as an educational resource!

  • Kaw River Guide Workshop Introduction Webinar: Watch here!
  • Paddle & River Tips: Read here!
  • Paddle Instruction: Read here!
  • FOK Program Overview Webinar: Watch here!
  • FOK National Water Trail Update & Plans: Watch here!
  • Know Before You Go!: Watch here!
  • Volunteer Opportunities: Email riverkeeper@kansasriver.org
  • Recommended First Aid Kit List: Read here!
  • Recommended Gear List from Kaw River Guides: Read here!
  • To Be Added to the Volunteer E-Mail List: Email to Dawn Buehler, Kansas Riverkeeper, at riverkeeper@kansasriver.org.