Have you ever looked out across the Kansas River and wondered what you could do to help protect her?  The job of the Kansas Riverkeeper is to protect and preserve the Kansas River for present and future generations.  There are many ways in which this is done, including monitoring, responding and mediating suspected pollution incidents to the Kansas River; scheduling and facilitating educational paddle trips; and managing advocacy efforts to protect and preserve the Kansas River….BUT WE CAN’T DO THIS ALONE….it takes many people to do this work and we need PEOPLE LIKE YOU – people who care about the Kansas River and improving their environment. Let’s leave the world a better place together!


There are many ways to GET INVOLVED:

  • You can report suspected pollution
  • You can report dump sites on the river and her tributaries to the Riverkeeper
  • You can volunteer to help table FOK events
  • You can volunteer as a Kaw River Guide for our group Educational Paddle Trips
  • You can volunteer as an Educational Assistant for our Kids About Water (KAWS) Program
  • You can plant native plants and remove invasive plant species as a part of our Riverbank Restoration Projects.

Come join us today!  Be a part of our team as we move the needle forward for the Kansas River!  Email the Riverkeeper at today and you will be added to an email distribution list that will go out when we need help!