Lawrence Riverfront Park Access Ramp – River Mile 54

Lawrence Riverfront Park Access Ramp

1594 N 3rd Street

Lawrence, KS

Douglas County

River Mile: 54.1

GPS: 39.00025, -95.23923


Access Ramp: River Left

Directions:  From I-70 take the east Lawrence Exit 204 and turn right on U.S. 40/59 going north. Continue north approximately 1 mile to the traffic light at the 3-way intersection for U.S. 24/40 (called Tee Pee Junction by the locals). Turn west (left) onto blacktop/gravel road and drive over railroad tracks and over the levee. Follow this road past a gravel parking lot to a large blacktop staging area surrounded by trees.  The ramp is at the far west end.

Access Information:  Cars should be left in the gravel parking area while boating.  Do not leave cars in the paved area adjacent to the ramp. The park is patrolled and well-maintained by the City of Lawrence. The 16-foot wide concrete boat ramp at 12% grade is well protected from driftwood and silt.

Amenities:  Restrooms, trash can, and informational kiosk on site.  Limited lighting after hours.  The walk to the nearest convenience store is about 1.5 miles.  

Paddle Information:  The next downstream access is the Lawrence Riverfront Park East/8th Street Access Ramp at river mile 51, but a trip there via the river is not recommended for novice paddlers. Most paddlers should exit the river at Riverfront Park and shuttle to the Lawrence Riverfront Park East/8th St. Access Ramp.  Paddlers staying on the river should proceed carefully below this ramp as Bowersock Dam is 1.7 miles downstream and requires a portage of your boat on river left. DO NOT GO OVER BOWERSOCK DAM IN ANY VESSEL.  There may be an emergency exit opportunity above Bowersock Dam at Burcham Park which is approximately one mile upstream on river right. The University of Kansas Rowing Team boat docks are there during the rowing season and access is only available with permission.  

Game Warden Covering Douglas County: 785-256-1204