Friends of the Kaw’s Float Trips in July!

W Volleyball float 1

Kansas Wesleyan University Women’s Volleyball Team

Friends of the Kaw has hosted the Shawnee Mission Unitarian Church, a KU Architecture class, the Konza Rotary Club in Manhattan, Boy Scout Troop 323  and the Kansas Wesleyan University Girls Volleyball Team (pictured above) on group float trips this summer.  Our float trips are lots of fun, good exercise, and educational plus we host a hot dog and marshmallow roast over a drift wood fire on a sand bar.  Hot dogs sure taste good when they are cooked over an open fire.  Kaw river sand bars are also fun to explore!

We want to thank the participating groups and our float assistants for making these floats safe and fun!

Kansas River Currents

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The Kansas River

map-of-river The Kansas River (known locally as the Kaw) begins at the confluence of the Republican and Smoky Hill Rivers near Junction City. It flows 173 miles to Kansas City where it joins the Missouri River. The Kaw watershed drains almost the entire northern half of Kansas and part of Nebraska and Colorado (53,000 square miles). It is the world’s largest prairie based river system.