Friends of the Kaw hosts Boys & Girls Club Paddling Experiences!


Friends of the Kaw partnered with Brown v. Board of Education National Historic Site, managed by the National Park Service, and Freedom’s Frontier National Heritage Area to engage 170 at-risk 4th – 5th grade students  from area Boys and Girls Clubs in a half-day paddling experience as part of a series of 5 five-day camp programs. The paddling experiences took place at Kill Creek Lake and Lake Lenexa on Wednesdays in June and July and consisted of a stormwater game, macro invertabrate study and paddling a canoe or kayak.  An experienced adult paddler accompanied each student or group of students.  At the end of the event everyone enjoyed a hot dog cook out in one of the lake’s shelters.  Our goal was to connect area youth with America’s Great Outdoors encouraging outdoor fitness and this activity was funded by a Paddle Nation Grant awarded to Friends of the Kaw.Friends of the Kaw would like to thank the staff of Brown v. Board of Education, Freedom’s Frontier and the attending Boys and Girls Clubs for helping to make the five events very successful.  Laura Calwell, Erik Wolf and Dee Wilson, staff of Friends of the Kaw, planned and organized the outings but we could not have been successful with out the assistance of our many volunteers who paddled.  A big thank you to: Julia Marsh, Mike Calwell, Jeanne Heitzman, Tom Stull, Kate Delahunt, Susan Kysela, Tam Smith, Jim Jackson, and  Jim Walton.

Kansas River Currents

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The Kansas River

map-of-river The Kansas River (known locally as the Kaw) begins at the confluence of the Republican and Smoky Hill Rivers near Junction City. It flows 173 miles to Kansas City where it joins the Missouri River. The Kaw watershed drains almost the entire northern half of Kansas and part of Nebraska and Colorado (53,000 square miles). It is the world’s largest prairie based river system.