Let’s Canoe!

Tips for Staying Safe – and Dry!

Canoeing is a lot of fun, but there are some rules you need to follow so that you don’t get into trouble or end up taking a swim when you don’t want to! Remember, always canoe with a parent or other adult. Below are some other tips that will help keep you safe.

Sandbar SchoolGetting Into Your Canoe
  • Have someone hold the canoe for you. You don’t want to tip it over before you’ve even gotten started!
  • Crouch low. Keep your knees bent to be more secure.
  • Grab the sides of the canoe to help you balance as you walk to your seat.
  • Always walk down the center line to keep the canoe from rocking.
  • Stay low. Once you’re out on the water, don’t stand up or try to walk in the canoe.
While in the Canoe
  • Always wear your PFD! You never know when your canoe might tip over unexpectedly.
  • Avoid sudden or jerky movements that could put the canoe off balance.
  • Always sit on the seats or in the center of the canoe. Sitting on the sides can cause it to tip over.
If Your Canoe Does Tip Over
  • Stay with the canoe.
  • Push or paddle the canoe to the shore. With the help of the other person in the canoe you can get back into shallow water where you can flip the canoe back over.
Things to Bring
  • Sun protection such as hats, sunscreen, long sleeves and pants.
  • A first aid kit.
  • Plenty of food and water.
  • PFDs (life vests).
  • A map, so you don’t get lost!

Make sure all of your gear is packed in a waterproof bag and tie it to one of the center beams in the canoe. That way, if the canoe tips over you won’t lose everything!

Please Don’t Litter!

Carry out everything you bring in. The animals that live in and around the river don’t like a messy home!