Citizen Science

The tools below, developed by the Citizen Science Program, can help you measure how your activities impact the Kansas River. Friends of the Kaw would like to thank Dr. Rhonda Janke and Rebecca Moscou of the Kansas State University Extension for allowing us to post their materials.

W-01 Overview cover

Overview of Water Testing

W-02 color odor temp cover

Color, Odor, Temp



W-03 turbidity cover



W-04 nitrogen cover











W-05 phosphorus cover


W-06 total coliform cover

Coliform and E.coli

W-07 triazines cover


W-08 stream biology cover

Stream Biology

W-09 stream site cover

Stream Site

W-10 stream team

Stream Team

W-11 data sheet cover

Data Sheet

W-12 interp guide cover

Interpretation Guide


River Friendly Farm