Effectively managing stormwater is important to all of us. Poorly managed stormwater runoff causes flash floods, accumulates in low-lying areas (like your basement), and carries pollutants to our lakes and rivers. Unfortunately, modern housing developments are a major contributor to runoff problems. Unlike undeveloped areas in which soil and plants can absorb and “filter” rainwater, these urban areas are full of impervious surfaces that allow water to flow unchecked – carrying fertilizer, pesticides, and other pollutants with it.

Rivers all over the world are suffering from pollution caused by stormwater runoff, and the Kansas River is no exception. There is a role for each of us to help reduce the problems caused by stormwater runoff in the Kansas River watershed.

Friends of the Kaw and the Johnson County Stormwater Management Program have teamed up to provide Best Management Practices (BMPs) for homeowners, builders, and agricultural producers. Visit the Managing Stormwater in Johnson County page for more information.

The two-minute video below – courtesy of the West Michigan Environmental Action Council – provides a helpful overview of the problems of stormwater runoff and solutions for managing it effectively.

Friends of the Kaw would like to thank the Johnson County Stormwater Office, the Mid-America Resource Council, and EPA for funding this work.