FOK Hydrocaching


Welcome to Friends of the Kaw Water Quality Hydrocaching!

hydrocache gpsWater Quality Hydrocaching is geocaching with a twist! Developed by Friends of the Kaw and with the help of the Mid-American Regional Council (MARC) and a Johnson County Stormwater Education grant, hydrocaching uses the geocache format to help you learn about water quality in the Kansas River.

Three caches are located at Kansas River boat ramps in metro Kansas City and ten caches are located at Best Management Practice (BMP)  sites in Johnson County that help prevent pollution from stormwater runoff. When you find the cache you will be asked to do a simple water quality test or answer a question about the BMP practice. Enter your data or answer in the cache’s log book.  If you are the one of the first ten people to find at least ten caches, complete the simple water quality tests or answer the site specific question, you will earn a free canoe rental for one of our group float trips.  After you find ten of the caches email your water test results and answers to the site specific questions to and we will send you a certificate with float trip redemption instructions after we confirm your finds.  For floats we have all the equipment you’ll need, and the Kansas River (at low water levels) is slow moving and totally appropriate for novice paddlers and families. We also have an FOK representative at each float to provide safety and basic paddling instruction as well as experienced paddlers to provide further help once you’re on the river.

All hydrocache locations are also entered on – you can register on this site for free and use your smart phone to help you find the caches.  You can also report to us when you find the cache from this application.  Learn more about hydrocache here:

Hydrocaches coordinates:

Kaw Point Boat Ramp Hydrocache: N 39° 06.977 W 094° 36.793

Edwardsville Boat Ramp Hydrocache: N 39° 03.015 W 094° 48.987

De Soto Boat Ramp Hydrocache: N 38° 59.090 W 094° 58.481

Turkey Creek Hydrocache (Merriam) – N 39° 00.450 W 094° 41.954

Little Mill Creek Hydrocache (Shawnee) – N 38° 59.668 W 094° 44.649

Wet Pond Hydrocache (Shawnee) – N 39° 01.365 W 094° 46.900

Clear Creek Hydrocache (Shawnee) – N 39° 00.949 W 094° 50.399

Hydrodynamic Separator Hydrocache (Shawnee) N 38° 59.958 W 094° 51.982

Retention Basin Hydrocache (Lenexa) – N 38° 58.553 W 094° 52.343

Pervious Pavement Hydrocache (Lenexa) – N 38° 57.250 W 094° 50.880

Wetland Hydrocache (Lenexa) – N 38° 57.544 W 094° 50.890

Little Cedar Creek Hydrocache (Olathe) – N 38° 52.924 W 094° 50.313

Rain Garden Hydrocache (Olathe) – N 38° 51.712 W 094° 50.716

We have already had over 130 hydrocache finds!  Have fun and be safe!