Step Five: Attend a Float Trip

Step five of becoming a Kansas River ambassador requires you attend a Friends of the Kaw float trip with a parent (boat rental is FREE!).  Print off the Stream Habitat Challenge and make observations on the float trip to include critters, plants and other natural history features.  Show and discuss your observations to the trip leader.

Below is our calendar of group float trips already scheduled for this season.  We open registration to a specific float trip two weeks before the scheduled date.  You need to check with the Kansas Riverkeeper to see if there are available canoes or kayaks for that trip, and to register. Contact the Kansas Riverkeeper to schedule a date for a group float trip or for further information.

For specific information about Friends of the Kaw’s float policy please visit our float trip page.

You can download the registration form, float policy form, or Kaw safety rules by clicking on any of the links below.

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