2022 River Wish List

Link to donate: https://kansasriver.org/donation/?did=1

We have some important projects that we are working towards in 2022 and we hope that you can help. The COVID pandemic taught us many things, but none of those lessons have been more evident than our need to update our gear, trailer and facilities so that our programming can continue to reach youth and adults alike to educate about the Kansas River.  In 2020, we were forced to cancel our student events because we could only provide double kayaks or canoes.  We could not guarantee that students could maintain 6 feet of social distance.  We quickly learned that we need to invest in single kayaks for our educational paddle program, which would also require anew trailer for the gear.  Additionally, our wonderful boathouse at De Soto does not have water.  We have hauled our boats to our staff houses for years to wash our gear and boats, but we know that we must put water in at the boat house for the benefit of everyone, including our volunteers and staff.  You will see on our list below that we need a new trailer for our jon boat that we use to remove tires from the river.  This year we removed over 1,000 tires from the Kansas River – forever and the jon boat was a big part of that effort!  We also were gratefully donated 14 acres of land from a member and need to raise funds for that effort, as well. 

Our educational paddle trips consistently sold out in 2021, meaning even more people learned about and experienced the Kansas River.  We conducted large scale river cleanups and removed a record number of tires from the river, and we celebrated our 30th anniversary of protecting and advocating for the Kansas River.  We have accomplished so much, yet our important work remains to continue our education program, remove all of the old dump sites from the river, advocate for pollution prevention, work on microplastics, get dredging off the Kansas River, and prepare for climate change. 

Can we count on your donation to help with this initiative? We are asking that you give to this effort in addition to your normal end of year giving so that we can maintain our staffing levels to execute this important work. We need to raise the following funds for our wish list this year:  

Custom built metal kayak trailer $                           6,000.00
14 Jackson kayaks at $800 each $                            11,200.00
Jon boat trailer $                            3,000.00
Water line to boat house in DeSoto $                           6,000.00
Land; campground; compost toilet; signage; bio-inventory $                          10,000.00
TOTAL $                                36,200.00

Would you please consider a donation? As a long-time supporter of our work, we are so very grateful for all that you’ve done to help Friends of the Kaw and our work for the Kansas River.  If you can, we could use your help for the future. You can donate online here. Or you can mail a check to: 

Friends of the Kaw, PO Box 1612, Lawrence, KS 66044. 

Thank you again for all you do for the Kansas River!