“Now is the time to shut down all in-river dredging on the Kaw. The river is a declared national and state treasure. Does it make sense to dredge a National Water Trail? It doesn’t to me!”

– Laura Calwell, Kansas Riverkeeper


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The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers  announces new development concerning sand dredging on the Kaw!

After review of a consultants report and completion of an Environmental Assessment (EA), the Corps was unable to conclude that there are no potentially significant impacts associated with dredging activities proposed by the dredging companies. They have determined an Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) will be necessary before dredging operations may be reauthorized in the Kansas River.  Current dredging permits have been extended through this process.

The last EIS was published in 1990 and this new EIS is an important step to POSSIBLY getting sand dredging off the river, a long time goal of Friends of the Kaw. We have worked to move in-river dredging to appropriately sited pit mines in the Kansas River valley for more than 20 years.

Click here for the Corps Press Release

Friends of the Kaw will continue to follow this issue and let our members know when public meetings are scheduled or written comments need to be submitted.

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