River Mile 90 – Kaw River State Park

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Kaw River State Park Access
Topeka, KS

River Mile: 90

River Right


From I-70 take Fairlawn Exit 357.  Turn south on Fairlawn and turn right on SW 6th Avenue.  Watch for the entrance to Kaw River State Park on the right.  Once you enter Kaw River State Park follow the road to the access ramp.

Access Info:

There is a wide concrete ramp and a paved parking lot marked for 20+ vehicles.  The park has access to water and restrooms although it might be a fair uphill hike.

Float Info:

The next access ramp is two miles down river at the Topeka Weir Access on river left. This section should not be attempted by novice boaters. In addition to the notched weir structure, the concrete and steel remains of the old weir are still in the river. Once you go under the Highway 75 Bridge move to river left. There is often a sandbar here with a narrow channel between it and the north (left) bank; if the sandbar is present, you must be in this channel. In low water the old weir may be exposed and limit clearance.  Stay on river left as close to the bank as it is safe to be. Do not go over the dam or through the low water notch on river right – this is very dangerous.  There is a ramp on river left above the weir and  a 100′ concrete sidewalk to a ramp below.  The Topeka Weir Access will be closed during high water events.

The Belvue Access is 29 miles above the Kaw River State Park Access and novice boaters should not paddle this section.