River Mile 173 – Junction City Access Ramp

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Republican River Access
Junction City, KS

River Mile: 173

GPS: N39.06036 W96.80337

River (Kaw) Left

Directions:  From I-70 take Junction City Exit 296 (Washington Street). Follow Washington Street north 2.2 miles to 18th Street (also called Grant Avenue) Take a right on 18th Street or Grant Avenue and proceed east for about 2 miles. Grant Avenue divides as it crosses the Republican River, and Grant Park is between the two bridges. Grant Avenue enters Fort Riley as it continues east and is closed to traffic, but Grant Park is accessible. Turn into the park before you cross the bridge over the Republican River. The road into the access is gravel and leads approximately 200 yards east to the edge of the Republican River.

Access Info: Access is a wide concrete ramp on the west bank of the Republican River. Cars can be parked overnight, but there is no lighting. The ramp is in view of the Fort Riley security station. The First Territorial Capitol is on the grounds of Fort Riley 3 miles downstream from this ramp.

Float Info: The next access is Ogden; a little over 9 miles downstream at river mile 163.4. This access ramp has a picnic shelter and restrooms. This float will take you down the Republican River about 1/3 mile to the point where the Smoky Hill River joins it to become the Kansas River. Typically the Republican is running clear from Milford Reservoir outflow and the Smoky Hill has a sediment load from its trip across the prairie. The confluence is a clear line in the water – interesting, but be aware for unusual currents as you cross that demarcation. This is the wildest section of the river.

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