River Mile 163.5 – Ogden Access Ramp

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Ogden River Access
Ogden Kansas

River mile: 163.4
River left


From I-70 take Highway K-18 exit 303. Go north on Highway 18 about 5 miles. Exit at Ogden (KS Highway 114) and turn right on 114. Go a short block to Cimmeron Trail Road (this road is S 32nd Street on the map above) and turn right. Go past condos and through the Walnut St. intersection. You will see a sign for a boat ramp and the dirt road swings left into the parking lot for the access.

Access Info:

The access is a wide concrete ramp on the west side of the Kansas River. The access park has a gravel parking lot, a shelter for picnics and restrooms.

Float Info:

The next access is the Manhattan (Fairmont) access on river right under the Highway 177 Bridge about 13 miles down river at river mile 149. The Linear Park ramp on the Blue River is 2 miles further at river mile 147 on river left, the final 1/3 mile is an up-river paddle to reach this ramp. Floating from Ogden will take you on a section of the river that is relatively untouched despite its proximity to Manhattan.

The nearest upstream access is the Junction City Access 10 miles up river on the Republican River.