FOK Paddle Trips

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Friends of the Kaw is currently booking group, educational paddle trips for the 2017 season which runs from mid April to mid October. Friends of the Kaw provides guided trips for groups of 16 to 46 paddlers on most sections of the Kansas River. Kids between 5 and 12 years old are welcome to join the trip as passengers in a canoe paddled by a parent. We provide canoes or double kayaks, paddles and PFDs, basic instruction, safety information, and an educational sandbar seminar mid-way on the trip. To view the scheduled paddle trips visit our Calendar page. Use the links below to download the registration form with our paddle policy or Kaw safety rules.



Friends of the Kaw’s Paddle Policy

coverFriends of the Kaw sponsors both private and public educational paddle trips from mid April through mid October. We are focusing our efforts on scheduling groups of 16 to 46 people. We bring the boats and host an educational “sand bar” seminar! With the construction of the access ramps at Edwardsville and De Soto plus the new ramp at the Lecompton Bridge we have many more river sections available for trips between 4 and 14 miles. If you have questions or would like to inquire about a private paddle trip select “contact us” on the home page of this web site. Paddle trips on the Kansas River are appropriate for novice boaters and families; however, it takes some muscle power to paddle down the river and we advise that participants be in good health and physically fit. Be advised that it will take extra time and expense (that the individual needing assistance will be responsible for) to receive emergency medical attention while on the river. We also advise that participants drink lots of water the day before you float, and bring at least 1 gallon of water per person on the float trip. We do not allow consumption of alcoholic beverages immediately before, or during our float trips. We recommend that participants wear light weight clothing made out of man made fabrics like nylon and polyester. Jeans and sweatshirts made out of cotton are very heavy when they get wet, and also make one cold as they don’t wick water away from one’s body and are not recommended. Also, participants should wear shoes that can handle getting wet and muddy such as old tennis shoes, surf walkers or sandals that securely strap to one’s feet (no flip flops or bare feet). Our policy will be to open paddle trips two weeks prior to the paddle date to assign unreserved canoes on a first come first serve basis. Friends of the Kaw needs least 8 canoes (16 people) for a viable paddle trip – trips that do not meet that requirement will be canceled or rescheduled. Reservations can be made by calling (785) 312-7200, email  or through contact us page of this website. Suggested donation for use of a Friends of the Kaw boat is $30 per person and includes paddles and life jackets. Canoes can accommodate two adults, one adult and one child over 14, two adults and one child over 10 or two adults and one or two children under 10. Friends of the Kaw has recently added 4 double sit-on-top kayaks to our fleet of boats. Kayaks are more stable that canoes, are easier to paddle in the wind, and accommodate two adults. All participants must wear a life jacket while on the water, sign a liability waiver, and a parent must accompany any child. We welcome both members and non-members to participate in our publicized paddle trips using their own boats. A donation to assist Friends of the Kaw in our efforts to protect and preserve the Kansas River will be gladly accepted. Friends of the Kaw reserves the right to cancel or reschedule paddle trips due to high winds, eminent thunderstorms or inappropriate river conditions. We float in light rain.