Chasing the Channel – Blog No. 3

Chasing the Channel – Blog No. 3

By now, you may have seen or heard all of our noise around the KAW 173 Journey. Yep, that’s us. We are about to get really loud! We hope that all of our friends can join us along the way – either at the Community Visits at the boat ramp or on the river with one of our Public Paddles (please wear life jackets on the river and masks on the ramp). You can learn more here:

I’ve certainly learned a thing or two over the years about planning a river trip, but this takes it to a whole new level. Planning for the folks to meet us and the public outreach is one thing, but the really challenging part has been to set the river schedule, set a pace, and make sure we have enough water to drink. We think we’ve got it all planned out, but I’m smart enough to know we don’t have it all figured out. What I do know is that we have great people that have rogered up to help us along the way – and for that I am very grateful.

Speaking of grateful – let me share a little with you about the team that I am kayaking with for 173 miles and 8 days. These 6 people have been long time volunteers for Friends of the Kaw as well as one of our long time Board members. These are people that know the river, know kayaking, camping and outdoor survival. I am honored to be on this journey with them and I know that they’ve got my back – and I’ve got theirs. We’ve paddled many miles together, camped many nights together on sandbars – and we are ready. We depart this Friday, July 17 from Junction City and will arrive at Kaw Point Park on Saturday, July 25 – if all goes as “planned”.

I’ve decided that for me – this is a journey of myself as much as it is for Friends of the Kaw. I plan to immerse myself in the calling of the river, listen to the wildlife as I meander through their home, and enjoy my friends and their gifts to the journey. I plan to be “present over perfect” – and live in the moment. We would love for you to join us – be present – and immerse yourself in the beauty of the river.

I will be writing a blog, such as this, every evening to share my experience. It will be as much a gift to myself to write about it, but I do hope that you find some value in the words on the page.

So join us – either in person, through the writing of our blog, or on one of our social media channels – let us help you connect to the Kansas River. We could use your good thoughts, good vibes, prayers, energy – whatever the earth and universe can share – we could use it! See you – literally “on the river”!

Dawn, your Kansas Riverkeeper